Friday, February 25, 2011


So, you know I can't get enough snow. This has been a pretty nice, snowy winter here in the southeastern PA region. Lots of little snow storms early in the year. But it all melted in the last few weeks and the spring rains have come, I fear, early. The words, 'early spring' are curse words to me.

But I love rain, too. I knew rain was forecasted and it actually was raining at bedtime last night. I woke up and just knew it was still raining. This prospect was enough to get me out of bed quick. I ran to the window and was happy to see the stuff falling from the sky.

Today I had a breakfast date with friends. I ran downstairs and kissed Scott good morning and declared how happy I was that it was raining. A good day for rain boots, even. The giddiness continued thanks to my reverse seasonal affective disorder, my term for my love of bad weather and dislike of perfect sparkly sunny days and warm weather.

Our breakfast destination was closed because of a blown transformer. So we went to another place. Then I went to K-Mart and I wasn't there 5 minutes and the power went out, forcing me to seek a new place to shop. BTW, it gets pretty dark in the back of K-Mart when the power is out.

Now, I should be doing all kinds of things, but the sun showed up and sucked out all that good serotonin that was keeping me happy and productive. I had slumped in a chair and was accomplishing nothing for a few minutes when I realized what had happened.

But, to my appreciation, the clouds rolled back in, this time with lots of wind. The rain will come again, I am sure, maybe even thunder. And I will go on being productive, crossing things off my list, as my serotonin kicks back in with the promise of puddles and worms.

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