Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Jones'

We have had such little rain and such very hot, humid, oppressive weather this summer. I just was out tending to the veggie patch. But tonight is actually comfortable. Not August at all. First, the hum of one person's mower, then another, then another. The Jones are out in force hacking and wacking at their green spaces, whether it needs it or not. They keep up with one another, like they think they should.

Just because there was some rain, the brown has begun to turn a little green again and the 80 degree at 7:30 PM weather feels like long pants time compared to what we have had, does not mean we need to mow just yet. Give the keeping up a rest and enjoy the pleasant weather instead. The grass can wait, and surely will go brown again. It is August, after all.

Dear Jones', the air quality police will give you a gold star if you just say no to the mow. At least for now. Instead, after the next rain, look for all the mushrooms that have sprouted.