Monday, October 17, 2011


Wow, I have neglected the blog lately, haven't I? Needless to say, it has been a crazy, busy, at times, hectic, summer. And it is actually fall now, so it continues....

We recently had windows replaced. It was the hope that we could refurbish the originals, instead of replacing. But time didn't allow for that. So we shopped, got estimates and sticker shock, but finally found windows that we could live with architecturally and fiscally. Our old, wavy glass, century old portals to the world are gone. I see architectural salvage in their future, if only I had the time to do the research. The old windows are resting comfortably in Garage Mahal.

Gone are teh 'breezes' that used to pass through the old windows. Even when they were closed, which was most of the time because only a few opened. We joked in advance of the replacement that we would suddenly be getting sick all the time because the new windows would seal properly and there wouldn't be any fresh air circulation indoors.

I joked, but was a little serious, too. So yesterday we went out and brought home some new house plants, to help improve the indoor air quality as a result of the tightly sealed up windows. Just the basics to start. Must see how the cat responds first. Hopefully she won't bother with them. We now have a fern, an African violet, cactii and an orchid, as well as another random green plant with no tag.

The fern came to be just because I like them. The cactii are inspired by our recent Arizona vacation. The violet is in honor of my Grandma, who had many and they all looked great. And the orchid is for some showy, shameless flowers. The random green plant is because I like to give homes to strays from time to time.

I also repotted my Grandmother's old spider plants. Again. They have been with me since she died in 1994. Scott's fig tree, which I named Stavros, will be coming indoors for the winter pretty soon. And I still need to find a peace lily. Just because I like them and have never had one.

So here's hoping for a warm house with great views and healthy air this winter!